Ways to Increase Value at Pharmacies


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Williamson Road Pharmacy
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Independent pharmacist Ashok Pinnamaraju serves as the owner of Williamson Road Pharmacy in Roanoke, Virginia. Possessing more than 10 years of experience, Ashok Pinnamaraju is committed to providing his customers with high-quality service and reasonable prices.

Here are a few ways pharmacy owners can increase the value of their business without raising the prices of their medication:

Add services. Adding more services without raising prices can be tricky but is not impossible. Think about adding flu shot services, compounding, or medication synchronization, which ensures multiple prescriptions for a client are filled on the same day each month. All these services add value and encourage more customers to come.

Add direct lab testing. With this service, customers can get certain lab tests without visiting their physicians. This helps customers save on travel expenses, lab fees, time, and co-pays. Direct lab testing is a huge convenience for customers and makes a pharmacy much more appealing.

Bundle products. Bundling moves inventory faster, makes customers feel as if they are getting more value, and increases pharmacy revenue without raising the price of medications.