Improving Your Tennis Serve through Proper Technique


Tennis Serve pic

Tennis Serve

Ashok Pinnamaraju has worked as a pharmacist for more than 10 years. When not busy managing day-to-day operations as the owner of Roanoke, Virginia’s Williamson Road Pharmacy, Ashok Pinnamaraju enjoys playing tennis.

When seeking to improve your tennis serve, start by making sure you have the right stance. For those who are right-handed, this involves placing your back foot parallel to the baseline and pointing your front foot toward the right net post. If you are left-handed, your front foot should point toward the left net post. When serving, either keep your feet in the same position or move your back foot forward as you toss the ball.

In terms of grip, hold the racket with the edge perpendicular to the ground. Your fingers should be wrapped comfortably around the grip, with the index finger pointing to the top edge of the handle. As you toss, keep your grip loose, but firm. Ideally, the ball should be tossed so that it drops about seven inches from your front foot and is high enough to make contact with your racket at the right point.

Once you’ve hit the ball, continue moving your arm to completely finish the stroke. Proper follow-through ends when your racket is down by your left pocket (or your right pocket if you are left-handed).