Education Offered Through the American Health Association


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American Public Health Association

Ashok Pinnamaraju earned his PhD in pharmacy from Oregon State University and a master’s degree in computer science from St. Cloud State University. At present, Ashok Pinnamaraju is a pharmacist at Lexcare Pharmacy. Mr. Pinnamaraju also holds memberships with the American Pharmacist Association, the Asian American Business Owners Association, and the American Health Association. The American Health Association offers a variety of education courses including those described below.

The CPR training course offered through the American Health Association teaches the most effective ways to provide basic life support for infants, children, and adults. Some of the concepts taught in the course include how to assess an emergency scene and the victim’s condition. Course participants also learn how to deal with foreign body airway obstruction and how to perform CPR with one and two rescuers.

The basic first aid course offered through the American Health Association provides training on how to care for adults, children, and infants in situations involving diabetic emergencies and sudden illnesses such as poisoning, stroke, and heart attack. This program also teaches participants how to handle traumas such as bleeding, burns, and bone and joint injuries.

The American Health Association’s course on blood-borne pathogens provides instruction on how to manage situations involving exposure to blood. This course explains how disease is spread and how to implement the most effective precautions and methods to control exposure.