Ways Technology Can Improve Patient Care at Pharmacies


For more than a decade, Ashok Pinnamaraju has been working as a pharmacist in Minnesota and Virginia. The owner and pharmacist at Williamson Road Pharmacy, he takes great pride in providing high-quality service to his customers. A graduate of St. Cloud State University, Ashok Pinnamaraju holds a master’s in computer science and believes that patient care and technology can be integrated on a common platform.

Advancing technology has helped numerous industries improve their operational efficiency, but it can also improve customer service, especially among pharmacies. Below are a few ways technology can improve pharmacy patient care:

Reach New Patients

By using technology, pharmacies are given an increased ability to connect with patients. Through e-newsletters and email, companies can easily reach potential patients and explain the various services they offer. Meanwhile, technology also makes it easier to reach current customers and pharmacies often benefit from having online refill requests or complain systems.

Improve Precision and Decrease Errors

Technology has paved the way for increased automation within pharmacies. This helps pharmacies reduce the rate of medication errors that may result from unclear physician requests or refill quantities. In addition to this, technology allows pharmacists to spend more time interacting with patients.

Expand Service Offerings

Finally, pharmacies can rely on technology to increase the number of services they offer. With new technology, pharmacies can improve the efficiency of their staff and free up more time for additional services. Technology can also be used to provide patients with the ability to track their medications and access details about their personal health.


Finding the Right Pharmacy for You

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Williamson Road Pharmacy
Image: williamsonroadpharmacy.com

Ashok Pinnamaraju leverages his 11 years of experience as a pharmacist to run Williamson Road Pharmacy in Roanoke, Virginia. Holding a master’s degree in computer science and a PhD in pharmacy, Ashok Pinnamaraju works to integrate patient care and technology in customer service.

When searching for a pharmacy, start with determining your needs. All pharmacies may seem the same, but they vary significantly in terms of the services they offer. Due to this variation, knowing what services you need narrows down your options.

Also, consider whether you want to visit a chain or independent pharmacy. Chain pharmacies may offer more services than independent pharmacies, but chains struggle with getting prescriptions filled on time. In a recent survey of pharmacy chain shoppers, 21 percent experienced long waits at the service counter. This is five times higher than the number of shoppers who had similar experiences at independent stores.

As you search, consider whether the pharmacy has an automated prescription system. These systems streamline prescription refills, achieve greater accuracy, and may even send prescriptions directly to your home. If you need multiple medications, automated prescription systems make it easier for you to stay on top of your medication regimen.