Melatonin for Addressing Insomnia and Jet Lag


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For those with sleep disorders, one popular alternative to sedative-hypnotics is melatonin, which is naturally produced by the body as a hormone. With melatonin levels increasing as the evening progresses, the sleep aid creates a “quiet wakefulness” state that encourages sleep. With most people already producing adequate levels, melatonin supplements can be effective in the short term in combating insomnia and aiding in recovery from jet lag.

Helping sleep occur faster, melatonin is particularly useful for those who are living with delayed sleep phase syndrome, which involves consistently falling asleep late and waking very late as a result. With melatonin levels naturally rising a couple hours prior to bedtime, its effects can be augmented through maintaining low lighting and staying away from devices, which have blue and green lighting that can disrupt sleep. If undertaking international travel in the near future, it makes sense to start with a regimen of melatonin several days before the flight.